6 ways music can trick customers when shopping

1. If you play loud music, customers will move quicker around the supermarket and that won’t hurt sales volume.

2. On the other hand, if you slow the tempo of the music, people will move slowly as well, therefore, buying more. The same goes for restaurants (don’t try it if you’re on the fastfood business).

3. Play classical music on a wine store and sell more expensive things. That sounds reasonable as people will associate “fancy” music with fancy stuff and will be primed to buy it. Don’t play it if you wanna sell cheap things.

4. Regional music makes people buy regional things. If you play french music at a wine store, people tend to buy more french wine. The same goes for German music and german wine.

5. If you play music while holding a phone call makes people wait a little longer befoere hanging up. This could be attributed to the fact that people will pay some attention to the music and forget they are waiting.

6. Using the same line of thought, playing music someone likes, will make them perceive the time they spent in line shorter than it actually is. Probably because they will spend this time enjoying the music and forgeting there is a big line in front of them.

I found this things here and you can read the full study below.
Effect of background music on consumer’s behavior

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