Women´s ovulation cycle could have influenced the evolution of music (study)

This sound a little too odd, right?

Well, a study lead by Benjamin Charlton points to this direction.

As we already know, when women are on their ovulatory week, show more interest on men. That makes sense, since we´re wired to procreate the human species.

We also know, that back on the dawn of men, women looked for signs in men that showed how the chosen one would be a good father. So, they looked for strong, creativity and inteligence, for example. A men who could prove to have this skills, would potentially protect their family, provide more food and breed healthy children.

Then there is music. People who make and play music also show some skills, like inteligence and creativity. It can even show strength depending on what you´re playing.

So, the hypotheses of Dr. Charlton is that when women are on their ovulatory period they would look for men who can play music not only better, but more complex as well. Following this line, good and complex music would preferred and then men would begin to be better musicians and better songwriters, so they could mate.

“Any clue that indicates a male’s ability in an area that could garner resources and provide for a female partner could also provoke more interest in women when they are fertile,” argues attractiveness researcher David Perrett of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

To prove this, the study showed samples of simple and complex music to a group of women, both in or out of their ovulatory week. Then, they were asked which composer they would rather have sex.

75% of the women went for the complex music writers.

I found this here and you can check the study below.
Menstrual cycle phase alters women’s sexual preferences for composers of more complex music

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