How do people prefer their music to dance to? (study)

A group of researchers from Denmark and England asked the same question on a study.

They did a small survey with people from all the globe. They showed this people 50 different types of beats and grooves and then asked the people to rate those beats.
Questions were like “To what extent does this rhythm make you want to move?” and “How much pleasure do you experience listening to this rhythm?”.

The results show that people like (or at least, say they like) more simple music, but with a certain degree of syncopation. When the music was way to simple or way to syncopatated, the rates were too low.

That result doesn´t surprises me as it is in tune with Information Theory that claims that to keep people interested in something, you have to show things they are already used too, but with a small amount of newness. So, too much new information (aka, complex stuff) would get most of people away.

I found it here and you can check the study below.
Syncopation, Body-Movement and Pleasure in Groove Music

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