The largest drumkit ever (Guiness world record)

Ok, this is HUGE.

Just watch the video. Dr. Mark Temperato holds the Guiness World Record for the biggest drum kit in the world.

It has 340 pieces from 50 brands.
Takes 15  hours to put it all up.
He took 15 years to build it.

He claims that he can hit every single piece on the kit.

Here’s the full list:
103 Drums,
110 Cymbals,
2 Hi Hats,
4 Gongs,
20 Cowbells,
18 Clave & Blast Blocks,
10 Agogo Bells,
Wood Block,
3 Round Chimes,
Stick Chime,
5 Chime Tree’s,
Bell Tree,
3 Bells,
5 Tambourines,
2 Claves,
6 Shakers,
40in. Rain Stick,
6 Maraca,
2 Jet Sticks,
2 Tambourine Sticks,
3 Afuche,
2 Triangles,
4 Castanets,
Latin Whistle,
Hand Clapper,
LP Woodpecker,
Thunder Tube,
LP Gong Mallet with extension rod,
On Board Tool Kit,
4 Stick/Mallet Holders,
3 Drum Lug Ratchet’s,
Upright Stick Bag,
Roc-N-Soc Lunar Throne w/back rest,
5 Nathan (K5HL) 150db Air Chime Train Horns and
2 Emtech Custom Ear Plug Sets (-13db & -25db).


I found it here and you can read more about it below.

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